We make creative clips, films and experimental stuff to enrich the community of smartphone generation with our contents on the go. For our short and experimental video clips, we create a new way to fill our needs.


ATIXI is a talent agency across film, television, music, sports, digital media, marketing, cryptocurrency, blockchain and beyond. We represent actors, directors, editors, writers, producers, musical artists, comedians, authors, athletes, coaches, broadcasters, teams, leagues, chefs, designers, consumer brands, coders, traders, and more. Since our founding in 2007, ATIXI has continued to deliver creativity and innovation across multiple disciplines and platforms. ATIXI is proud to be a pioneer in the crypto-mining/trading field as well in the IoT and Blockchain industry.

Integrity, authenticity and respect are core values that shape all aspects of Atixi’s business. We are committed to honesty and fairness in all operations with the utmost concern for our associates, customers and community. We believe in equal opportunity for all and we are committed to collaborating, promoting and compensating associates without regard to race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other basis protected by federal, state or local law. Atixi has a zero-tolerance policy when dealing with child labour, human trafficking, discrimination, harassment or violence of any kind.


We aim to unify talents via a free exchange of creativity. We are creatives. We know that being a creative professional is more than just a job. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a passion. It’s making something from nothing. It’s a way of looking at the world around us a bit differently than others do. ATIXI provides the world’s best-emerging talents for sharing a sampling of their best work for free use in creative projects.

We represent a community of creatives who are as passionate about our craft as we are in helping foster the pursuit of creativity in others. We are in this together. We believe that a surface level connection with others just isn’t enough. We’re open, honest, and not afraid to go deep. The trust is essential to the success of our mission.

Dogs. Cats. Karaoke. YouTube and TikTok vids, Facebook and Instagram Stories offer a lot. But, until recently, it hadn’t offered some of the greatest stories ever told. The people imagination is set out to change that, and we decided to create contents on the go uploading vids of classic and futuristic clips to the Stories platform and giving viewers everywhere the chance to dream with open eyes. While many might see social media and technology as the sworn enemy of the traditional mainstream media like the TV, radio and newspapers, Atixi disagrees. Instead, it can be seen as a perfect way to further their mission, “to advance knowledge and curiosity by providing free and open access to materials and information.”

By embracing the changing times, we are in a mission to get modern viewers to crack open timeless masterpieces.