About us

Atixi LLC is a private company incorporated in Tokyo, Japan. We have representative offices in Los Angeles (CA) and Florence (Italy). We have extended partnerships with companies in the Philippines, India, USA and Italy. Atixi possesses the global experience and technical expertise to help enhance and add value to the global Blockchain community.

Company Information

Company name: Atixi LLC

Representative Director: Atanas Ibba Mantchorov

Business content: Consulting Business, Multimedia Producer, Multimedia Distributor, Talent Agency, IT, Blockchain, Virtual services, E-commerce (in details).

Location: Jingumae 4-Chome 26−28, Harajuku V2 Building 2F, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001 Japan

Phone number: +81 (080) 4223-2023

Date of establishment: July 22, 2022

Meet the Team

Atixi was founded by established technology developers with a passion for delivering enterprise solutions that have the potential to transform business, industries, and our society as a whole.

Atanas Ibba Mantchorov

Founder & CEO

Atanas is the Founder of Atixi LLC. He has experience in emerging technologies building, launching and growing enterprise products in a variety of businesses. Prior to Atixi, he led product teams spearheading the creation of web services and managing a portfolio of software products. Atanas launched the industry’s first Blockchain Film Festival, developing new commercial approaches to meet the enterprise demands between Entertainment and Technology. Atanas holds his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Film Production.

Davide Greco

Project Lead Developer

Davide is the Project Blockchain Leader of Atixi, Inc. He has experience in programming with C++, Python and Solidity and covers high position technical roles. Prior to Atixi, he led product teams implementing the BITK protocol for the consolidation of the Blockchain experiment. Davide joyned Atixi with the challenge to integrate a bridge protocol between PoW and PoS consensus mechanism in the encryption through the PHP module directly connected to the Web3 interface. Davide holds his Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Università degli Studi di Milano.

Matteo Rossi

Chief Blockchain Officer

Matteo has over ten years of experience in Javascript and Python and became an expert in Solidity. Prior to Atixi, he led engineer teams at Dada, managing a potential portfolio of website services and products. Matteo is focusing on the emerging Miyabi and FireFly, the first open-source multi-party system supporting Hyperledger Fabric, Enterprise Ethereum (such as Quorum and Besu), and will investigate Corda support, including global storage providers such as IPFS. Matteo holds his Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the University of Florence.

Kenji Dario Sato

Havana 1950 Founder

Dario is an early promoter and supporter of the BitcoinTK project, mainly involved in PR. He is welcoming all celebrities in Tokyo.

Christopher Manloloyo

Lead Software Engineer

Christopher is from Pearl City, Hawaii. He is a Blockchain developer focusing on developing staking pools for the Cardano nodes.

Lorenzo Betti

Software Engineer

Lorenzo is from Florence, Italy. He is a C++ developer with deep knowledge in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, MongoDB, Python.


Film Director / Musician

Br1 is a Film Director, Producer and Musician based in Los Angeles. He is supporting all of Atanas’ projects for the last 25 years.

Atixi LLC
Jingumae 4-Chome 26−28
Harajuku V2 Building 2F
Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001 Japan

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