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Business contents (in detail)

(1) Development, manufacture, sale and import/export of communications and information processing equipment.

(2) Planning, development, sales and maintenance of computer systems.

(3) Planning, production, sales, operation and management of various application software.

(4) Planning, production, sales, operation and management of EC (electronic commerce) site.

(5) Planning, production, sales, operation and management of website.

(6) Management consulting services.

(7) Management of entertainment production, model production, etc.

(8) Planning, production and management of music, video and image distribution via the Internet.

(9) Provision of services utilizing NFT.

(10) Management of contents and assets using blockchain technology.

(11) Planning, development, sales and services of software applying AR (augmented reality)/VR (virtual reality)/metaverse.

Provision of services

(12) Production of contents using the Internet.

(13) Planning, production and operation of media business and information processing and provision of information related to media business.

(14) Operation, management and consulting of theatres, concert halls, recording studios, sports education facilities, restaurants, lodging facilities, stores, etc.

(15) Information service, advertisement, promotion, and marketing research using the Internet.

(16) Provision of various information services using the Internet, advertising, publicity, marketing research, and agency services.

(17) Provision of system and consulting related to virtual currency.

(18) Any business incidental or related to the above.

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