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Atixi is a digital transformation platform providing Blockchain solutions for today’s new digital asset and modern business networks. A sequence of “blocks” of data connected together (“chain”) for future confirmation and use. Once data has been recorded on a Blockchain, it cannot be changed, widely known as immutable data. The distribution and sharing of said records within a peer-to-peer network and utilizing the highest levels of security measures is known as DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology).

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. It is an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum Blockchain. While most tokens are fungible (every token is the same as every other token) NFTs are all unique. This standard allows a smart contract to track token ownership.

Why we do it

Contribute to a global digital transformation platform providing solutions for today’s new digital asset and modern networks.

How we do

Globally on the Blockchain where the people are in control and have access to growing and shaping its community.

What we do

Community building and nation-building. A strong foundation for sharing success and wealth, where it’s a win-win for everyone.

Full support

We provide full support systems and fair practice for its Blockchain + DLT digital ecosystem and community.

Full transparency

We provide full disclosure and transparency throughout the delivery process of Blockchain + DLT solutions to its clients.

Who will benefit

We provide and develop Blockchain + DLT software and platform solutions for payment systems and digital wallets.

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Internet mattered when it started in the 1990s.
Blockchain matters now. It matters to all of us!