Meet the Founder: Atanas Ibba Mantchorov アタナス イッバ マンチョロヴ

Aty (Atanas' nickname) set up Atixi in his UK working experience with a big visionary ambition – to create a visual way to represent what is the Internet and to make a crossway between the Cinema and the Internet.

Over the past 25 years, he’s learned his craft in the media and television industry working in Italy, UK, USA, and Japan as a Media Producer / Video Editor and Film Director / Camera Operator / Creative Strategist making hundreds of video clips of high profile series for major international broadcasters, satellite channels, streaming and VOD distributors. From experimental and hard-hitting vids to 6 seconds bumper ads, he has worked with thousands of people around the Globe, a wide range of budgets, briefs and subject matters and is excited at transferring this experience into the production of multimedia, social and branded content. Down to earth, curious, with futuristic mind and visionary oriented for the next big thing and an exceptional professional, Aty, and his collaborators are passionate about partnering with like-minded people and organizations to create amazing vids and experimental visual projects.

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